Go Green


Go Green

Maintaining a clean, sanitary and healthy environment in which you regularly operate is extremely important.

Green /gri:n/ A product or service not harmful to the environment.

Green Home Lighting

We created the ‘green home ‘operation as part of our Residential offering. As the country and world at large listen to calls from world leaders and health organizations to wash hands, wipe surfaces regularly, some reports even suggest taking a shower when returning home from ‘outside’ contact. If we think of how dangerously close this is to your home, it is scary. For example, have you ever looked at the bowl and gallery (standard issue lighting inmost homes) light fitting in your bathroom? Many insects have been known to find their way inside bathroom lighting features, such as ants, flies, moths, roaches, and beetles. Bugs gather in the cover or shade protecting the light bulb and then die. They have attracted the light as it may seem like the closest source to the sun.‍‍

Green Home Aircons

Keeping with the operation clean up means, that the aircons are no expectation. The concealed dust and dirt that builds up inside each aircon unit is consistent with usage. To put that in perspective,each time your cooling off, those filters are gathering a collective amount of dirt build up. They collect small particles of contaminants that may affect the health and wellbeing of you, your family or your including dust, dirt, mold, lint and other fibers,bacteria, hair or animal fur. Just like with your home lighting regularly cleaning and maintaining a good bill of health is recommended. A dirty filter allows less air to pass through, making the fans to work harder, increasing the usage consumption damaging your system.‍

Our Offering

1. Cleaning of all light fixtures by removing all fittings throughout the entire home. Remove all dirt,dust and insects

2. Increase the brightness and effectiveness of lights

3. Remove all brown ting build up on lighting surfaces, where so possible

4. Disinfect surface, with alcohol-based solution

5. Remove all aircon filters, clean all dirt, mold and dust buildup

6. Maintaining unit life span

7. Spray unit with alcohol-based solution, remove all germ buildup‍

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