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During the last quarter of 2019 we embarked on a project for an internationally listed corporate, this would later prove to be one of our largest single tenant installations in a restrictive timeframe that most would call the impossible. In a combined effort of our divisions we embraced the challenge and completed this project in just over three weeks. A call centre environment, seating 300 team members, required the combined effort of our HVAC, Electrical, Data, Air Conditioning, Fire and Security installations teams. This mammoth task included restoration to white walls, followed by a completely new HVAC design and implementation, as well as the Electrical reticulation - which included replacement of the main distribution board, connection of a 400KVA Generator and 100KVA UPS. Needless to say our client is ecstatic and thankful for an incredible job well done by all!

The installation and design of a completely new HVAC system was the highlight of this project for us, as it challenged us not only in the timeframe but also in conceptualising such a detailed system and achieving complete success in the implementation.

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