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When Westley made the decision to leave his accounting firm and take a leap of faith into the electrical field, he not only took on a damaged electrical business but also a dying office plant. He saw reviving both as a challenge and was determined to see them both flourish under his care.


Understanding it was by no means going to be an easy road, and appreciating that the competition was vast, Westley knew he had to stand out from the rest of the players in the game. Apart from rebranding, adding a more diverse offering to the existing business and expanding nationally, it’s the way in which he leads his team that makes Envirolec stand out from the rest.


While Westley respects that there is no place for emotion in business as it often leads to poor decision making, he is a fierce believer in the fact that if there is no passion driving a brand forward it will only impact negatively on the company.


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast, right?” If culture is a shared set of values, a shared purpose, and shared meaning, then yes, it certainly does. Westley not only owns Envirolec, but he also lives the brand name and so do those who work with him. Honesty, integrity, and open communication are at the core of every interaction with Westley and his team. You will often find Westley on a job with his team, always leading from the front, guiding, and teaching. At the end of the day leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less, it’s the ability to accomplish great things through others.


Envirolec’s clients understand that while Westley may be the point of call, he cannot physically be in 10 places at once, and they have as much faith and trust in his team to not only fix the problem at hand, but to do it the Envirolec way, with honesty, integrity, and transparency. Mistakes are made at times, but accountability has played an essential part to the company’s growth. If you don’t admit to the mistake made and take responsibility, you’ll never improve or grow.


With a core value system in place and asolute faith, Westley has not only watched Envirolec grow from strength to the strength, but the office plant that was destined for the bin, now stands thriving proudly on his desk. Reminding Westley daily, whatever you feed will grow, faith, confidence, and belief in a brighter tomorrow.