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A CCTV system can range from a very simple system right through to a fully integrated solution. We offer CCTV camera installation and CCTV camera repair services for domestic and corporate clients which range from little 4 channel camera systems to larger 64 channel systems.

We will assess your requirements and provide a solution that's the perfect fit! Ensuring all of the productivity features are utilised to ensure you realise the full benefit of your CCTV system.

Servicing Home, Offices, Estates, Factories and Warehouses. Envirolec is an experienced CCTV systems installer. With many years of experience, we consult, install and repair CCTV camera systems.

Access Control systems allow entrance and exit to a facility or area based on pre-approved credentials. This is done through system controllers, electronic locks, and a credential such as biometrics, access card or PIN.

Few employers want to allow all their employees access to all facilities all of the time. That’s why more and more businesses are using electronic access control solutions to limit employees’ admission to certain areas.

Envirolec provides Access Control System Installations in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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