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Turn your roof into an economic asset and liberate your energy with our residential & commercial Solar Power systems. We provide affordable solutions to Agriculture, small-to-medium enterprises, residential homes, commercial clients and to the general public.

With increased electricity rates, load shedding and eco-awareness, installing solar power solutions has become a necessity. We install solar power systems in homes, offices, industrial parks, commercial properties and schools.

envirolec solar energy grid tied systems

Grid Tied Systems

A grid-tied solar power system means your solar power system is linked to your local power company's electrical grid. This is the most common type of solar energy system.

solar off-grid systems envirolec

Off Grid

Standalone or Off-Grid Solar Systems are installed in situations where mains power is not available, or you wish to become independent of the grid.

envirolec solar energy hybrid systems

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid Solar Systems run on solar and/or mains power, with battery backup for power outages or periods of no sun. All excess power generated is able to be returned to the grid.

envirolec bi-directional solar power systems

Bi-Directional Systems

Bi-Directional Systems are both Hybrid- and Grid Tied, combining the best of both worlds. This is a dual Solar system where one channel uses Solar power to charge and supply power.

backup battery systems envirolec

Battery Backup Systems

We have backup UPS solutions for when the utility fails. The system changes over within milliseconds. The inverter sized is for the load you want to use and the batteries are the amount of backup time you want.

envirolec energy audit

Energy Audit

Our Energy Audits give you a full report on every facet of your energy usage. This audit allows you to understand your energy consumption patterns and how to ultimately save on energy costs.

envirolec financial analysis

Financial Analysis

After the energy audit, the next step in the process of designing a Solar Power system is to perform a financial analysis to determine the financial feasibility of the project.

envirolec water heating

Water Heating

Heat Pumps are the water heating trend that’s gaining a lot of momentum in South Africa! Water heating accounts for a large portion of electricity usage, and with rapidly increasing electricity costs, everyone’s looking to save energy.

envirolec solar grants & incentives

Grants & Incentives

We are well informed on the available tax rebates and incentives offered by Eskom and other utilities for solar powered services. Envirolec advises customers accordingly to ensure maximum return.

envirolec solar powered metering

Powered Metering

Net metering is a solar incentive that allows you to store energy in the electric grid. When your solar panels produce more electricity than you need, that energy is sent to the grid in exchange for credits.

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