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Established in 1999 under the Glens Electrical brand Envirolec has aimed at changing the industry by being at the forefront of service delivery

Whilst being a nationally based company we believe in keeping the local flavour, and achieve this by building relationships based on trust and understanding individual requirements.

Our aim is to leave behind a green footprint and strive toward technologies that assist in this process.

Envirolec understands that not every budget allows for the Rolls Royce, however our team of experts are always on hand to advise how best to spend your available budget on green energy for the best possible returns.

Through the ever new developing technologies we aim at both cost reductions in this ever expensive world and

putting the power as our client back into your hands.


We are dedicated to shaping the electrical industry for a better and greener tomorrow based on integrity, trust and open communication.

To provide more than just a service. We want to provide solutions, efficiencies and build relationships with and for our clients.

The short-term mission is to personalise relationships, with our existing customer base and deliver unprecedented service. Our team is trained in customer interaction and service and empowered in all aspects of the business. Ultimately we aim to have a strong brand identity that is built on a proper value system, with a strong belief and absolute faith.