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Turn your roof into an economic asset and liberate your energy with our residential & commercial solar power systems. We provide affordable solutions to agriculture, small-to-medium enterprises, residential homes, commercial clients and to the general public.


An Inverter-Battery system is a silent electronic system that charges batteries, monitors the power supply and switches to battery backup within 20 milliseconds of the power going off. Modern lights, computers and the TV etc, will be unaffected by this switchover. When the power restores, the system waits a few seconds and then switches back to the grid power. You are therefore totally unaware of the system’s operation.


For light industry and commercial sectors that cannot afford to go without power, backup generators are essential – particularly in South Africa where blackouts are par for the course. While even small businesses and households battle when there is no electricity, the repercussions that outages and power failures have on large scale manufacturing plants, factories and other industrial premises can be devastating.



Having a UPS power system installed, means you’ll have a seamless power protection system ready to cope with any power outage be it short or extended, dependent on the battery autonomy of the system, or ready to protect against a power drop or power spike. Envirolec design, build and install seamless ‘no break’ clean uninterruptible UPS power protection systems throughout South Africa.



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