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New Installations:

Commercial, Residential & Industrial Installation, Planned & Managed and Commissioned

Compliance Certificates:

Envirolec performs all 5 inspections required for a property transfer and offers a 1 year warranty on all workmanship as well as a 1 year warranty on all materials supplied. All our work is carried out by a licensed electrician

Repairs & Maintenance:

Yearly & Monthly services done by our teams across KZN – We offer competitive pricing & workmanship.

Our team is fully staffed and on standby and ready to assist 24 hours a day should you have any repair issues. We offer you 100% peace of mind.

Tenant Installations:

Our air conditioner consultation & installation services are provided by a team of experienced technicians and specialists.

HVAC Systems:

HVAC is basically climate control of a confined space with respect to requirements of persons or goods in it. An HVAC system is not only heating and cooling of air but also concerned with maintaining the indoor air quality.


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